Dr. Dickerson listened and answered all my questions for my foot condition. He gave me very objective advice and wasn't quick to suggest surgery as a solution. I really feel as he has the best interest of me and every patient at heart. I would recommend him to anyone!

Sarah in Salt Lake City, UT

Dr. Dickerson is the VERY BEST in every regard..... Super staff. No complaints at all. The catheter for numbing medication was great.

C. Durfee in Grantsville

I've been dealing [with] foot pain for almost 2yrs and told that there wasn't anything that could be done. I decided to try again. I saw Dr. Dickerson and he found a problem with my feet and the procedure was a long shot, but it worked! It's been 6 weeks and my right foot feels better than ever. My job requires me to be on my feet all day. I'm so glad I decided to go with his advise, he has changed everything for me. The staff is great as well as his assistants, friendly and understanding. Thank you!

Clyde Sperbeck

Appointment was easy to set up, minimal wait time. Dr. Dickerson was helpful and clear in his communication. He quickly assessed my problem and took care of it in the office, resulting in elimination of nearly 100% of my discomfort. Would definitely see again and recommend.

Alex O.

I was working on the evening of January 29th of this year when I was hit by a truck. I was rushed to the IHC hospital in Murray, Utah. My lower right leg was broken in multiple places and I had to have immediate surgery. The good news was that the trauma surgeon on duty that evening was Dr. Winegar. One of the worst days of my life was made better by the good fortune of having this great doctor. It is now four months later and I am walking without crutches and building strength by the day. Thanks.

Bruce Alan Weaver

Dear Dr. Winegar,

I am writing to thank you for being my surgeon and doing and excellent job of screwing and stitching my arm back together. When I got back to California, two different Orthopedic surgeons, after reviewing my x-rays and CT scans, confirmed that your work had been excellent, as I had already known.
We met only briefly before and after the surgery on the morning of March 19, and at each meeting I found you to be personable, engaging and professional. It has been 6 weeks since my surgery and my recovery is going well. . . without really knowing who I am, you helped me so much. Thank you. I will carry your handiwork with me for the rest of my life!
Sincerely, Brenda Keller

Brenda Keller

10 years ago I blew apart my ACL while skiing. I was afraid that my knee would never be the same again so I went on the hunt for the perfect doctor to fix it and get me back skiing. Fortunately for me Dr. Eric Heiden had just relocated to Utah and based on his reputation it wasn't even a question as to who would perform the procedure. Though it was important to me which technique was used when repairing my knee, it was also important to me that I had a Doctor who understood my drive to return to the level of skiing and other activities I enjoyed. I am still skiing strong and I know that I have a strong knee so I am grateful to Dr. Eric Heiden for his care, skill and commitment to see me through this experience.

Thank you Heiden Orthopedics!

Holly Smith

My season ended on a high note: I finished as Intermountain Division Champion, 4th at Nor-Am Finals and 8th at US Nationals; all less than one year from ACL Surgery!! And my knee and body feel great. I have never been more excited and driven for my future! With a full head of steam I am charging into summer training head on!

I can't thank Dr. Eric Heiden of Heiden Orthopedics enough for getting me back doing what I love!

Bobby Carroll

Here is a picture of me skiing on Sitka at Park City Mountain Resort. This was my 10th day of skiing, exactly 7 months since my second knee replacement. Thanks very much!

Margie C

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Winegar, he was very nice, explained things very well, and took good care of me when I broke my arm. I would recommend him to friends and family.

Jamie Carlson