The office is very accessible, the staff is warm and friendly. We have been seeing Eric Heiden for several years and highly recommend him for shoulders and knees. He and his staff are very approachable so talking to them you feel they really care.

Jane Morris

Dr. Winegar is great to work with. He is positive and direct. He takes time to answer all of my questions. He is easy to communicate with. I know he is busy but I never feel rushed. He is great to get back to me quickly through Abby if I email a question through her. My experience is very positive.

Blaine G.

A podiatrist recommended surgery for a bunion and hammertoe, which had gotten worse. I did some research, got several opinions and checked patient reviews. Dr. Jason Dickerson was recommended by a friend and I went to see him. He explained my options, what he would do and what I should expect, if I decided on surgery. On Feb 24th he performed my surgery. I walked with a walker boot immediately following my surgery. He inserted a pain infusion catheter in the area of my surgery and I received syringes with medication for pain to use as needed. He gave me a prescription for pain meds. I did not use all of the syringes and removed the catheter as directed. I have not taken any prescribed pain meds. I used a cold therapy machine everyday. I have not had any pain and only minor swelling. I followed his instructions for a successful recovery. Four weeks after surgery I am walking in shoes. Dr. Dickerson, Lindsey (PA) and his entire staff have been on time as scheduled for all my appointments. Thank you for your professional services before, during and after my surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Dickerson.

Linda Lussier

I am a basketball player and Dr. Dickerson was able to treat me in such a way that i did not have to miss any games

Lydia Begnaud

Dr. Dickerson at Heiden Orthopedics is a true miracle worker. I had been told by several other podiatrists that the surgery I needed would have taken three months to recover form, and being a teacher that would not work. It only took me about six weeks to recover and be back in a regular shoe. The staff is great and they are very good to work with if you have questions or if a problem arises. I will only go to Heiden Orthopedics for my future orthopedic care.

Matthew Davis

I went to Dr Jason Dickerson with an ankle that I had sprained for over 50 years. He removed a bone fragment, inflamed tissue and tighten the joint with a ligament type material pinned to bones. The joint is tight now and I can walk pain free. He fixed the problem when others doctors couldn't. He is a pleasant and likable too. Dr Jason Dickerson gets a 5 star rating from me, Jim Iverson

Jim Iverson

Heiden orthopedics has wonderful customer service and wonderful doctors/surgeons!

Megan Powell

My husband was in a 4 wheeler accident summer of 2016. Transported by Life Flight to IMC in Salt Lake. Complicated patient (however very healthy) already due to the fact he is a paraplegic from a car accident when he was 17. Broken femur and shattered clavicle among other injuries. Dr. Winegar took the time to make sure the surgical approach where the incisions were to be, and to allow some mobility around both fractures. Amazing job!! My husband was back to work in 5 wks & already skiing by November!! Great work!! Did I mention he was a para??!!

Valerie Olson Henrie

Great experience with Dr. Dickerson and staff, knew exactly what was wrong and had a very pleasant bedside manner. Would happily recommend the office to anyone.

Rebekah Hammer Riehle

Dr. Eric Heiden completed my right total knee replacement and did a wonderful job. The best thing I did was to have Dr. Heiden do this procedure. Dr. Heiden, the nurses and staff at the front desk are all very professional and courteous. Thank you Heiden Orthopedics!

Robert Shinall