Partial Knee Mako Plasty

Advances in technology have allowed knee replacements to be more precise and more efficient. A recent advancement that many are turning to is called MAKOplasty it is a robot designed to perform knee replacements and partial knee replacements with safer and more precise cuts to bone and tissue.

Knees can degenerate overtime due to osteoarthritis. A partial knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which a particular part of the damaged knee is replaced with an implant. A large number of knee replacements are performed every year and they are forecasted to increase over 300%.

The MAKO system uses a robotic arm and 3D modeling that assists the surgeon on focusing on only the damaged portion of the knee. This allows them to replace only the damaged area while keeping the rest of the knee and surrounding tissue unharmed.

Patients generally experience less pain and an overall shorter recovery time, compared to previous knee replacement procedures. In the past, patients would spend a day or two in the hospital following a knee replacement. Now it may be possible to spend a day or even less than a day in the hospital after a partial knee replacement.

If you are experiencing knee pain or think that knee replacement might be right for you, please do not hesitate to contact Heiden Orthopedics.

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It’s really impressive that robotic knee surgeries are forecasted to increase over 300% in a year! It makes you wonder if this could ever happen to you. As someone who plays a lot of sports, I probably have a higher chance of needing one of these later. It’s nice to know that the procedure is safe.


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