Orthopedic Specialties

We are specialists in joint surgery, fracture care and rehabilitation.


Whether your knee pain and limitation are from overuse, injury, or arthritis, we can help. A knee injury doesn't have to keep you from competing. We have helped many athletes of all ages return to their sport, and many recreational enthusiasts return to their activity. We can help you. If your knee is “worn out”, we use state of the art implants and surgical techniques to replace your knee and alleviate your pain.

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The pain of a sore shoulder is an ache like none other. You use your arms for most every daily activity. Most of us even sleep on a shoulder. If you cannot raise your arm, lift objects above your head, throw a ball, serve in tennis or swing a golf club we can help. We can help even if your shoulder just aches at night.

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Hand & Wrist

Wrist and hand injuries are the most frequent type of orthopedic injuries. Common overuse injuries like tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome often do not require any type of surgery. Wrist and hand fractures, however, are more serious and become a great inconvenience to daily activities like dressing, eating, and personal hygiene.

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Is it difficult to stand up from a low chair or impossible to stand from a soft sofa? Are you losing your dance moves because of hip pain? We can help. Corbett Winegar is our surgeon specializing in hip care and hip replacement. We use state of the art techniques for surgical hip procedures.

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Foot & Ankle

Learning to run barefoot has it’s positives and it’s negatives. Too much too soon and you can be looking at serious injuries to your heel pad, your tendons and fascia. Hopefully, all that running will keep you from acquiring diabetes and “diabetic feet” and/or bunions. From ankle sprains to ankle fractures, Achilles tendon tears, to gastroc and soleus tears, we can help.

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No orthopedic surgery is complete without the guidance of a licensed physical therapist to help you completely transition from post-op to your desired activity. We associate with many excellent therapists in the community. They are a part of our team and we will work together to help you rehabilitate completely. We will provide you a list of therapists and athletic trainers we work with. We can help you find someone close to where you live or work.

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The most common elbow injuries are overuse injuries, such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and tendonitis. Thankfully, surgery is not necessary for most elbow injuries, including these overuse injuries. Proper treatment and recovery from elbow fractures, UCL tears and breaks of the humerus, ulna or radius, however, often require surgery.

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Taking care of your feet can help you avoid injury down the road. Arthritis, plantar fasciitis, heel pain and activity-related pain can all affect the way you walk, run and perform, and lead to further orthopedic injury. Whatever your foot problem is, our podiatrist can keep you moving and healthy.

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Sports & Primary Care

Heiden Orthopedics is proud to serve the Park City, Salt Lake City, Draper and Tooele areas with our world-class orthopedic and primary care.

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