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The nagging pain of a shoulder injury can turn your life upside down. Whether you’re trying to play tennis, lift weights, swing a golf club, practice yoga or simply raise your arm during everyday tasks, a shoulder injury can drastically affect how you move through life. 

Our orthopedic shoulder surgeons understand that no two shoulder injuries are exactly alike. That is why everything begins and ends with personalized care at Heiden Orthopedics. Whether you’re struggling with chronic shoulder pain, suffering from an acute shoulder injury or are dealing with a difficult tear, our shoulder specialists will work with you to build a treatment plan designed around your injury and your personal recovery goals.

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If you’re experiencing shoulder pain or struggling with an injury, our team of orthopedic shoulder specialists can help.

The Heiden Orthopedic Approach

Shoulder injuries are very common, especially in active adults. Unfortunately, the shoulder is a complicated joint and even minor injuries can result in complicated treatments. Whenever possible, our orthopedic shoulder specialists will opt to treat common shoulder injuries with non-surgical methods. Some injuries and conditions, however, do require surgery to ensure a full recovery.

At Heiden Orthopedics, we believe the healing process is a team effort. Before we discuss any treatment options with you, we first and foremost want you to understand the ins and outs of your shoulder injury. When you’re fully informed and ready to consider your options, you and one of our orthopedic shoulder specialists will work together to design a personalized treatment plan to help you return to your everyday life, injury-free.

For more information on shoulder injuries, conditions and surgeries, please see our Shoulder Anatomy and Surgery page.

Utah's Premier Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeons

When even the simplest acts of sleeping and getting through your daily routine become impossible or unbearable, you know it’s time to see a shoulder specialist. 

A five-time Olympic gold medalist in speed skating and 7-11 team member in the 1986 Tour de France, Dr. Eric Heiden brings the drive and understanding of an elite athlete to his orthopedic surgery practice. As the team physician for college and professional football, basketball and baseball teams, Dr. Daniel Gibbs has cared for some of the world’s top athletes, and he continues to advance the field of orthopedics through tireless research and academic writing.

You can count on our orthopedic surgeons to listen to your concerns, talk you through your options and help you chose the right course of action to get you back to the things you love.

Our Shoulder Specialists

Eric Heiden, MD

Orthopedic Knee and Shoulder Surgeon

Daniel Gibbs, MD

Orthopedic Hip, Knee and Shoulder Surgeon

Daniel Mangiapani, MD

Orthopedic Hip, Knee and Shoulder Surgeon

Mark D. Scholl, MD

Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon

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