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Eric Heiden – 5 Speed Skating Golds at the 1980 Olympics

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World-Class Orthopedic Care

Who better to lead you back than Eric Heiden, Olympic gold medalist and professional athlete.

“We want our patients to feel they receive the very best care possible from surgery through rehabilitation. We always find the right solution, closely follow our patients’ progress, and cheer for their return to their chosen sport and activities.”
Dr. Eric Heiden

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Dr. Eric Heiden is the absolute best and I highly recommend! Very hard working, conscientious, dedicated, disciplined and humble. Just a terrific person all around! I had ACL reconstructive surgery and a meniscectomy on each knee by him and I am still going strong years later and I have a very active lifestyle! Thank you Dr. Heiden and best wishes to you for continued success with your practice! And congrats on your excellent new and user friendly website! Bravo!

Susan Evans
CCC Team

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