Hip Injuries

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Is it difficult to stand up from a low chair or impossible to stand from a soft sofa? Are you losing your dance moves because of hip pain? The hip specialists at Heiden Orthopedics can help.

Hip Replacement

Our hip doctors specialize in total hip care. If you need a hip replacement, can you believe a robot can replace your hip? A robot guided by a specially trained orthopedic surgeon can. Our surgeon is trained to use the precision of a robot to do hip replacement surgeries. If you don’t need surgery, our surgeon can inject your hip guided by special imaging to relieve your pain.

Common Hip Injuries Treated

Our hip doctors are licensed and have many years of experience treating the following hip problems. Our intent is to treat your condition conservatively. If you need surgery, we ensure you are well educated about the procedure and are supported throughout the surgery and rehabilitation process.

  • Hip trauma
  • Hip injections, guided
  • Arthroscopic hip surgery
  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Complex fracture care of the pelvis

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