Laser Therapy for Foot Pain

Not all pain responds to traditional treatment methods. Even when it does, recovery timelines sometimes feel excessively long for patients who need to get back to their regular routines. 

Laser therapy is an excellent treatment option for individuals experiencing chronic foot pain or athletes who need to speed up the healing of a foot or ankle injury. This non-invasive therapy provides quick pain relief and promotes faster healing. It’s an effective alternative to more invasive methods like injections or surgery. 

MLS Therapy

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Just as sunlight prompts photosynthesis and the growth of plants, the light used in laser therapy triggers biochemical changes in the body that promote cellular repair and enhance natural healing processes.

The laser used in this type of therapy is called a Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser. It delivers two different wavelengths of light to injured tissues to reduce inflammation, decrease swelling, and relieve pain. These wavelengths work together to penetrate beneath the skin and encourage internal repair so you can more quickly return to the activities you love.

The Benefits of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a non-invasive technique for injuries and issues like foot sprains, strains, general swelling, and ulcers or wounds. This non-surgical treatment can significantly accelerate the healing process and provide such benefits as:

  • Increased blood flow 
  • Enhanced delivery of nutrients and growth factors 
  • Decreased inflammation and swelling
  • Pain relief 
  • Improved immune response
  • Reduced post-surgery recovery time

Laser Therapy for Foot Pain

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MLS therapy is quickly becoming a standard treatment for both acute and chronic conditions. It complements traditional methods like rest, ice, stretching, physical therapy, the use of a supportive brace, or wearing orthotic inserts. 

Laser therapy is a safe and effective non-invasive option that’s best for soft-tissue pain or injuries, such as: 

Laser therapy is an excellent treatment for those who need to heal quickly or who want to avoid more invasive methods like injections or surgery. 

What does laser therapy feel like?

Laser therapy is not painful and has no side effects. You may feel nothing at all, or the area may feel warm. While the laser works by penetrating beneath the skin’s layers, it does not burn or damage your skin. 

MLS therapy requires no pre-treatment preparation and lasts only 10 to 30 minutes. There are also no necessary post-treatment follow-up steps, such as wearing bandages or applying ointments. You’ll work with your orthopedic foot and ankle specialist to determine the exact frequency and number of necessary sessions. Most patients receive two to three treatments per week for a total of six to 12 treatments.

Does laser therapy work?

Laser therapy has been clinically used for over four decades, with lasers first integrated into patient care through their use in surgeries during the 1980s. More advanced versions of medical lasers (formerly referred to as “cold lasers”) have now been FDA-approved for treating pain for more than 25 years. 

Some patients experience the benefits of MLS therapy immediately after the first session. For others, more significant results are noticeable after about three treatments. Most patients notice improvement with each session and report substantial long-term pain relief. 

Those who are overweight, older, or have an underlying disease like osteoarthritis or diabetes may need follow-up treatments if the pain returns over the coming months. 

If you have structural issues in your bones or soft tissues, laser therapy will not correct them. It can, however, help with the pain they cause. Laser therapy provides pain relief to allow you to work on remedying corresponding conditions that may be at the root of your symptoms.

Talk with your orthopedic foot specialist about how you feel and the results you receive from your appointments. Your podiatrist will customize your treatment plan to your issue, progress, and goals.

If foot pain makes it difficult to participate in your favorite activities or complete routine daily tasks, contact us or comment below.  

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